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Selected Works

Polygon Peach- Tossin and Turnin

A chase through St. Paul

Co-directed by Polygon Peach. Inspired by the 1972 film The Fly, we teamed up with the band to film an impromptu video throughout St. Paul. Several good nights of exploring and a couple of on-set shots made for a great experience. Their new album, The Blue Palace, is set to release later this year. 

Straya "Sobereyed" Release Show

Experimental finesse

Experimental band Straya released their new album "Sobereyed" with Chain Letter Collective February 16th at Mortimers. You can find a copy of the album on their Bandcamp

William Within Farewell Show

Farewell to the Triple Rock

William Within played their final show at the now closed Triple Rock Social Club on October 15th, 2017. 

Music video for "Amuse Me" -

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